What is LEI Lookup?

LEI Lookup offers an application where it is possible to search and check your Legal Entity Identifier's validity or to check other companies owning LEI numbers for transparency related reasons.

LEI Lookup is a helpful tool that helps to keep a convenient overview of your Legal Entity Identifier's status!

How to use LEI Lookup?

The LEI Lookup's table covers the most important aspects of the company when it comes to information related to the Legal Entity Identifier. The table shows company's entity status, its legal name and most importantly the status of the Legal Entity Identifier (lapsed or issued).

To check legal entity's LEI code status enter the legal entity's name or the LEI code to the LEI Lookup search form and press enter. The next page brings user to the company's tab where it is possible to get a thorough information about the company itself and the information regarding the Legal Entity Identifier, such as initial LEI code registration date, next LEI code renewal date, managing LOU etc.

LEI Lookup helps to search and keep track of your LEI code in a fast manner!